Early Intervention and
Information Centre

The early intervention and information centre for early childhood development

is the right contact if you are worried about the development of your child and                                             offers family oriented advises and holistic development support

The early intervention and information centre advises and supports families with children being in infancy, early childhood and preschool age.

Parents and guardians that worry about the development of their child or wonder whether their child develops according to age can contact the staff members of the early intervention and information centre.

The earlier abnormalities or impairments in child development the better it is to prevent and help, to reduce fears and to overcome helplessness.

The early intervention and information centre is the right contact if you are worried about the development of your child…

this means if your child:

  • is a risk child (e.g. premature birth, long illness or hospital stay,…)
  • develops hesitantly
  • has a physical or mental impairment
  • does not reach, sit, crawl, walk or speak
  • has difficulties to eat or drink
  • is not able to hear or see well
  • is not able to play
  • is too quiet or too restless
  • has difficulties dealing with other children

The early intervention and information centre offers family oriented advises/counselling and holistic development support


  • regarding the child’s development
  • including the whole family
  • regarding parenting
  • regarding the integration into child care and school

Support/Special needs…

  • by playing together
  • in single contact and small groups

In collaboration with…

  • Paediatricians/doctors
  • Therapists
  • Child day care
  • Hospital
  • Social services
  • schools


The early intervention takes place

  • within the home environment
  • within the child day care
  • within the rooms of the information centre

The staff members are subject to confidentiality and our work is subject to data protection.

All offers are for free for the parents or guardians. (The financing will be carried by the community and the state)

Additional offers:

  • Parent-child-groups
  • Parents`evenings
  • Psychomotoric groups
  • Therapeutical riding
  • Mobility bath
  • Forest group

We look forward for your telephone call and will be pleased to arrange an appointment with you.


Early intervention and information centre Alsfeld
Theodor-Heuss-Str 9
36304 Alsfeld
Tel.: 06631 4732
Fax 06631 801331
Email: ff-bs@kompassleben.de

Early intervention and information centre Lauterbach
Königsberger Str. 8
36341 Lauterbach
Tel.: 06641 5523
Fax: 06641 6459660
Email: ff-bs@kompassleben.de

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